Thank you for visiting the website of Portland Dental Health Care & Implant Center. Our site provides important information that will help you become familiar with our practice. It also contains answers to frequently asked questions. Please feel free to call us anytime. We appreciate this opportunity to introduce ourselves and look forward to providing you with highest quality dental care our profession has to offer.

We want you to know that in our office you can expect to be treated with respect at all times. We strive to deliver the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment possible. We believe that these goals can be met through a continuous and open dialogue between you and our entire team.


Your Teeth Deserve Exceptional Care

Dr. Verrier-Davis and Dr. Davis are highly trained, experienced, and thoroughly equipped to manage the full range of issues relating to the teeth, mouth, and oro-facial regions. Contact us today!

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We encourage you to involve yourself in your own treatment and ask questions throughout our relationship. Aside from receiving our expertise, we will do something that is generally lacking in healthcare today, WE WILL LISTEN to what you have to say. Our relationship will be one built upon mutual respect and understanding. In our opinion, an informed and involved patient is most likely to achieve the highest level of success in their healthcare. We look forward to working with you to achieve this goal.

Our Doctors

Doctors Dheeraj P., Peter M. Davis, Don W. Verrier, & Michelle R. Verrier-Davis

(left to right)
Doctors Dheeraj P., Peter M. Davis, Don W. Verrier & Michelle R. Verrier-Davis

Verrier/Davis Dental Family (but not in its entirety!!!)

Verrier/Davis Dental Family at the Portland Dental Health Care & Implant Center

(left to right)
Mrs S. Verrier, Nicole Foster RDH, BS (formally Verrier), Peter M. Davis, DMD, Don W. Verrier, DDS & Michelle R. Verrier-Davis, DMD